Student Awards

First Place
Andrew Videmsek, "Evaluation of RADAR Altimeter-Aided GPS for Precision Approach using Flight Test Data"

Second Place
Kyle Julian, “Guaranteeing Safety for Neural Network-Based Aircraft Collision Avoidance Systems”

Third Place
Darbaz Nawzad Darwesh, “Semi-automated deployment of a High-lift system on IMA using the Selective Middleware”



38th DASC Best of Conference Paper

"Sim: A Contract-Based Programming Language for Safety-Critical Systems"
Tuur Benoit, Siemens Industry Software Leuven, Belgium



Best of Track Paper Awards

Human Factors (HF):
"Flight Deck Human Factors Issues in Vertical and Lateral Deviations during North Atlantic Flight Operations"
Divya C. Chandra, Tracy Lennertz, and Kim Cardosi

Aircraft Traffic Management (ATM):
"Guaranteeing Safety for Neural Network-Based Aircraft Collision Avoidance Systems"
Kyle D. Julian and  Mykel J. Kochenderfer

UAS Traffic Management (UTM):
"Probabilistic Determination of Maximum Safe Altitudes for Unmanned Traffic Management"
Aaron McFadyen

Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS):
"LDACS-Based Non-Cooperative Surveillance Multistate Radar Design and Detection Coverage Assessment"
Alexandra Filip-Dhaubhadel and Dmitriy Shutin

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS):
"ACAS-Xu: Integrated Collision Avoidance and Detect and Avoid Capability for UAS"
Michael P. Owen, Adam Panken, Robert Moss, Luis Alvarez, and Charles Leeper

Integrated Modular Avionics and Technologies (IMA):
"Sim: A Contract-Based Programming Language for Safety-Critical Systems"
Tuur Benoit

Cyber Security and Software (CSS):
"Architectural and Behavioral Analysis for Cyber Security"
Kit Siu, Abha Moitra, Meng Li, Michael Durling, Heber Herencia-Zapana, John Interrante, Baoluo Meng; Cesare Tinelli, Omar Chowdhury, Daniel Larraz, Moosa Yahyazadeh, M. Fareed Arif, and Daniel Prince

Cyber Special Topics (ST):
"Simulation Tool to Study High Performance Avionic for Active Debris Removal Missions"
Michael Juillard, Muriel Richard-Noca, and Jean-Paul Kneib



Distinguished Institution Award

Presented to: Volpe National Transportation Systems Center (NTSC)
Accepted by: Dr. Divya Chandra



AIAA Dr. John C. Ruth Digital Avionics Award

Presented to: ACAS X Design Team
Neal Suchy (FAA), Wes Olson (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), Jim Kuchar (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), Mykel Kochenderfer (Stanford University), and Josh Silbermann (Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory)